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Google Mobile & Desktop Apps

Google has created mobile versions and desktop computer of some of their core tools. These apps handle your login credentials differently than the web-based versions.

Beginning Friday, August 29th at 5 pm, we will “kick off” the process of matching your WCPSS Google Apps for Education password to that of your Lotus Webmail account. 

IMPORTANT: Passwords for Mobile and Desktop Computer Apps will not change. Users will continue to log into the mobile and desktop computer versions of WCPSS Google Apps using the same login credentials used before passwords were matched to Lotus Webmail passwords.

Why can't I just use the same password for everything Google?

Google is aware of the issues caused by this inconsistency and efforts are underway to make changes. However, there is no estimation for resolution time. We will notify users as information becomes available.

Will I still be able to use the mobile and desktop Google Apps I already have installed after the process completes?

Yes, these versions will continue to function as they always have. No changes will be required to continue to use the currently installed and configured mobile and desktop versions. Once an app is installed and used the first time, you are not asked for the password again. Therefore, the change in passwords will not impact your use.

What if I download and install a Google mobile or desktop app after the password change process has completed?

Newly installed Google mobile and desktop apps will use your WCPSS Google Apps password--NOT your Lotus Webmail password.

What if I don't remember my WCPSS Google Apps password?

Contact the WCPSS Help Desk and they can reset it for you. Be sure to explain that you are attempting to log into a Google mobile or desktop app.


Last Updated: August 17, 2015