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Staff and Students Leaving WCPSS

  • Staff: WCPSS Google accounts will be deactivated on the day after your last day of employment. To keep any WCPSS Google content, follow these instructions before your last day.
    • IMPORTANT: Your shared documents become inaccessible to all collaborators when you leave. Ownership must be changed individually on each document. Changing ownership of a folder, does not change ownership of the documents within. (Instructions - PDF)
  • Students: WCPSS Google accounts of students not returning to WCPSS next year will be active through June 30. To keep any WCPSS Google content, be sure to follow the instructions below before June 30.
  • Returning students' accounts remain active continuously.

Saving Google content involves 3 parts:

  1. Save items Shared with me
  2. Export Google Drive content using Google Takeout
  3. Export Sites

1. Save Items Shared with Me (Instructions - PDF)

  • Items that appear under Shared with me in your Google Drive must first be saved to your WCPSS Google Drive in order to become part of the export file.

2. Export Google content (Instructions - PDF)

  • The Google Takeout tool allows you to download Google content at one time.
  • IMPORTANT: Once content is downloaded, the downloaded versions will not continue to update when the items are updated in Google Drive.

3. Export Google Sites

Last Updated: June 29, 2018